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Today we take an interview from the Chief of Technical Support of KCT soft company Iazykov Alexey.

– Hello Alexey, the last time we met a little more than a year ago. Then some changes were introduced to work of technical support, painted by rules and set pricing. Looking back over the year of the done work, I think it is already possible to draw some conclusions. Tell us, innovation paid off?

– Yes, of course , the work of technical support has become much more streamlined. For each client’s issue we register separate appeal, clarify issue and after confirmation of question’s solution by the client the appeal closes. It helped to solve many problems with the appeal’s confusion.

– Tell me has anything changed in the organization of the technical support for the last time?

– If we talk about the latest innovations then they include the introduction of the possibility to get advice directly from our website. I’m talking about “online consultant”, just specify your name, program number and your question and you will be answered immediately!

– This is quite handy, but usually in positions of online consultants work less qualified employees, in the case of a complex issue they usually redirect a question to a more experienced staff. Tell us, is there any qualitative differences between the use of “online consultant” or request by post or phone?

– I assure you that there is absolutely no difference. Turning to us through website you’ll get not less qualified techsupport than using any other communication way. This service was introduced to create additional convenience for users, there is no any loss in quality if you use it.

– What is the direction of the main efforts of your employees at the moment?

– Currently, in addition to the implementations and daily services of technical support, our team update the profiles settings. Most of the work has already been done, however, to say that the nearest time they will be available to users of our program is too early. This is a huge amount of work which requires attention and carefulness, each article should be verified through the manufacturer’s catalog so that our customers do not experience problems with their use. Then it’s necessary to check and double-check, and only then they can be put on the website.

– Alexey, thank you for your answers and I wish you and the “KCT soft” further success in the work.

Ruslan Dokaev
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