Differences From Previous Version


Key differences between the “SuperOkna 8” and “SuperOkna 7” programs.

  • New bloc: The new unit: measurers and assemblers. Planning of installation and measurement. Mailing schedules via email.
  • New bloc: delivery planning. Amount, area and weight are considered during the load.
  • New small key of protection
  • New bloc: warehouse of prepared products indicating place of storage
  • Choice of interface themes
  • Totally updated interface
  • Updated tabular presentation of information with the possibility of multiple sorting by any column, group of columns, in any order. Grouping by any columns
  • Ability to adapt the interface of basic forms of the Client (Form Editor)
  • New reports generator
  • Statistics bloc was updated
  • Completely redesigned the bloc of “production planning”
  • Redesigned almost all forms of directories
  • The ability to exchange data with “SuperLink” program
  • Dealers have a tick: Do not pass information about customers (the data exchange will be done without information about client’s)
  • Bills automatically specify information: when it has been successfully delivered to another department
  • New version of the server database “Firebird”
  • New (completely redesigned) bloc of uploading to machine tools

Additional information: Copying elements in templates