About The Company

KCT soft company was founded in 1996, and at the same time came the first version of the SuperOkna program that was a natural response to the request of manufacturers of window and door’s systems to automate the product’s calculations and exclusions of the errors associated with the human factor.

Becoming the first in the market of Russian industrial software for manufacturers of translucent constructions – adherence to the principle of “work ahead of the curve” till this day is one of the fundamentals of our company.

Since 1997, the program SuperOkna exclusively distributed by “TBM” company. More than fifteen years of fruitful cooperation between our companies reflects one of our key priorities – reliability.

Due to the high quality of our program and flexible policy of the company – our products are represented in all regions of Russia and CIS countries and open communication with customers taking into account their wishes has allowed us to continuously develop our elaboration, from the program that made it possible to quickly draw a sketch of the product to hardware-software complex that allows you to fully control the production process.

Being the founder of the Russian software market in working with manufacturers of translucent constructions, we have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge of the intricacies of production, that allowed us to elaborate and in 2006 year add to the program the bloc of paperless production, giving the opportunity to have even greater control over the production process, saving materials and the exclusion of defects, that became an absolute breakthrough in improving the quality of factory’s products.

Subsequently, our developers focused on simplifying the operation and configuration of our program, not forgetting to take into account main wishes of the users. This led to detailed recycling and modernization of most of the program blocs, as well as making significant additions to work of program with aluminum structures, all of this is reflected in the 7th version of program, published in 2009.

Following the strategy of customer focus and highlighting the most successful and advanced technological elaborations of the translucent structures market – in 2013 we released eighth version of the SuperOkna program with a modern, intuitive interface, as well as following up with the time, modernization of our program for the modern needs of manufacturers.