Why SuperOkna

There are many different programs for manufacturers of doors and windows on window market, each of them is somehow notable and when management decides to purchase such program the question is: “which one to choose?”
Here we would like to briefly list why you should choose us as partners!
Not to be verbose – we’ll just list a few features of our program. We are not going to list all of its opportunities, which can be found in another section.
So, why SuperOkna 8?

  1. Basing on numerous reviews of hundreds of our customers, we can proudly say that in SuperOkna probably has the best windows’ designer of all!1
  2. Unique, for the market of windows’ software, boxed version allows to customize a program specifically for your needs in a short time!2
  3. In SuperOkna implemented the ability to work remotely offline with the ability to synchronize via the Internet or through file transfer.
  4. Working in SuperOkna you have the opportunity to work with multiple warehouses!1
  5. The program has a unique report generator, created specifically for the convenience of work in our program! With it simple documents are created easily and conveniently, and for work at a professional level we provided the maximum opportunities!1
  6. The opportunity of creating aluminum facades is implemented in our program!1
  7. Due to the policy of loyalty to clients, we can boast one of the most attractive prices on the program!7.1
  8. Who is the backbone of the company? Of course, its employees! Our techsupport is one of the best! All of our staff have vast experience in setting and implementing of the program in enterprises, they know the specificity of production and how it’s organized. Purchasing our program you receive not only the software product, but also a reliable partner which is always a pleasure to deal with.8

Details of the SuperOkna 8 program’s opportunities can be found here http://kctsoft.ru/superokna
as well as on the website of our partner, the TBM company http://www.superokna.ru/faq/