The Bloc Of Warehouse Stocktaking

This bloc was created following the goal to simplify warehouse’s condition control process. Thanks to it you are able to keep warehouse account, to carry out write-off of accessories sent to production. The sales invoice will be created automatically.

Now all information about warehouse and the operations performed with it will remain in a database. The ability to look through a warehouse’s condition taking into account the minimum quantity of accessories and their reserve according to already created but not realized invoices gives you the opportunity not to be distracted by the search of documents!

This bloc includes possibility of maintaining several warehouses considering the prices of accessories.

The “bloc of warehouse stocktaking” includes accounting methods of inventory items FIFO, LIFO, “as average” and two types of simplified accounting “quantitative” and “negative quantitative”.

Using our company’s developments it will be easy for you to carry out write-off of the accessories sent to production with automatic creation of several sales and purchase invoices.

Opportunity to make orders to suppliers is a part of this bloc. Orders are formed on the basis of the minimum quantity in a warehouse or by means of analytical calculations. Your internal articles will be replaced by supplier’s articles, units of measure will be converted and amount will be rounded to demanded packing.