The Bloc “User’s Actions Log”

This bloc was created for administrative board for the purpose of employees activity control. During its creation we tried to consider your wishes as much as possible for most effective management of production.

In case of identification of a mistake during the work with the document you can always discover at which stage and by whom it was made by for its hot fix.

The log is kept not only by employees’ actions but also by the time of making changes. Thanks to it it is possible to define intensity of work with the program as well as to allocate actions made at the period of time set by you.

By results of checking the number of user’s actions with invoice and taking into account the time spent on these actions you can easily define the user’s skill level.


Setting of action log allows to trace only chosen operations made by user. That gives opportunity not to view all list of actions of user with the program but only the ones which you need. Thanks to it speed of work with the bloc as well as simplicity in its use repeatedly increases.

Combining listed all above we can confidently say that if you have “The user’s actions log” bloc then the control process of user’s work with “SuperOkna” program will take minimum time and will be made in full!