The Procedure Of Standard Implementation

The list of works carried out in implementing the program.

  • The study of the technological production flow of the Customer.
  • Developing proposals for technical documentation issued by the program.
  • Installation of program at 1-2 workplaces.
  • Making the program configuration for 1 profile system and 1 hardware system in following amount (not more than):
  • 3 articles of the frame, 3 articles of sash, 3 articles of impost, 2 articles of double casement, 2 articles of expansion profile, 2 articles of connecting profile, 5 colors for all of them and 1 doorstep;
  • 3 types of insulated glazing;
  • 2 types of panels and sandwich panels;
  • 1 type of window hardware for 8 circuits of opening and 1 type of door hardware for 4 circuits of opening.
  • 1 type of mosquito net and 1 type of rectangular glazing grid for installated glazing.
  • 8 documents for printing.

All configuration works are carried out within the capabilities of the program and do not include the revision of the program’s code to meet individual customer requirements. Profile sections will not be produced. Term of implementation is not more than 1 (one) month from the date of work’s commencement. Work begins in the time specified by the Customer and Contractor when buying the program.