СуперОкна 8
For more then 15 years the KCT soft company successfully develops software for translucent designs factories. If you’ve ever dealt with similar production then you certainly heard about SuperOkna program.
Constantly exploring window production changes we introduce amendments and add new functionality to our devise. All the most useful and demanded solutions of the previous versions were kept and improved in the new version of the SuperOkna program. We are confident that new features will help to make your production even more efficient while the program use became more convenient and useful. The SuperOkna 8 program is intended for window and door blocks designing same as for constructions based on several blocks.


Using our innovative software your employees will easily design item’s sketches showing customers all the benefits of your company. The program makes product’s cost calculation simultaneously with designing. You can also change color, background or the product’s material at any time of designing. When sketch’ll be created and contract’ll be signed it’s necessary to make an invoice, and SuperOkna will help you to do it! Creation of invoices and reports of various complexity will be much faster thanks to completely redesigned report generator based on last version of FastReport program and using already imported to the SuperOkna number of typical documents!


Everyone knows that it’s impossible to successfully conduct business without possessing information on existence or absence of materials in warehouses. That’s why the possibility of conducting the warehouse account was implemented in SuperOkna. Now you can receive information on a condition of warehouses, orders and invoices sitting on your workplace. If you’ll have not enough materials for designed product then program will inform you about that. To help you being in the loop watching a planned performance of work we’ve added bloc of planning to the SuperOkna. Now you can schedule your montage, metering or delivery. There’ll be information about not only dates of work with full information of contract and invoice, but also which employee have done those works.


We’ve added the ability to calculate the number, weight and area of the transported products to make loading of your vehicles more effective. You can also send the schedule of works to your employees by e-mail. Combining all of above we can confidently say, that timely implementation of planned works will strengthen your reputation as reliable partner. Thanks to updated interface even new user of SuperOkna can easily use it. Simple interface makes impression that you know SuperOkna for a long time and the possibility to change background to your taste will add comfort in use of program. To make your work faster we’ve added flexible setting’s filter, so the search of necessary information among similar documents won’t take much time. You can also easily move any frequently used types of blocs to the hotkey’s panel. Using SuperOkna you’ll be able to keep reference book of clients where you’ll find the information about accounts and their repayments. Software complex SuperOkna is useful not only for business executives, it’s able to cover almost all spheres of firm’s work.


Everyone who has just started or has already engaged in production of doors and windows one day asks himself how to increase productivity and product’s quality keeping the same number of staff. The answer is simple – you need to automate your manufacture! But if you buy computer-controlled machines they won’t create necessary product by themselves! You’ll need program which explains to machines what hardware for windows should be set, what operations to conduct and how to help your stuff to find necessary parts of doors and windows in warehouse. The software SuperOkna will solve these problems! Our program is capable to interact with almost all kinds of machines from the simplest to the most complex. Computer-controlled machines increase productivity because they exclude common mistakes made by employees and the lack of interruptions will save a lot of time. But that’s not all, SuperOkna can significantly cut expenses of your enterprise! It is reached by introduction of the most popular and proved as one of the most effective solutions “the Bloc of Paperless Production”. Thanks to this bloc each part of a product will be marked by a label with barcode printed by your machines. When a label will be scanned – the screen will display all the necessary activity steps for particular work place. At the same time the screen will explain with details and pictures to employee which steps should be done, what sizes to operate and how to establish parts of window. Your enterprise won’t need packs of documentation for each employee anymore! Paperless production will significantly reduce the number of defects, as well as the expenses for paper and printer’s ink cartridges. SuperOkna will lead out your company to absolutely new level! Developing the program we paid special emphasis to communication with dealers. Successful production can’t be presented without large system of sale’s points, so we tried to do everything that could make your work with them the most convenient.


The program Superokna based on new version of the FireBird database is able to provide several options of order acceptance including a direct exchange through Internet, it also allows to conduct history of calculations with dealers and departments. Constantly contacting with many dealership departments we take into account changes in the window-production markets. Now being a dealer you can decide is it necessary to provide the client’s information to a producer on your own. Choosing КСТsoft company and SuperOkna software as partner — you receive not only the high-quality product complying all modern technical requirements, but also the reliable partner. КСТsoft company’s highly qualified specialists are always ready to help and to give exhaustive consultations. Distribution of the SuperOkna program carries out T.B.M. T.B.M. company, 15 Volkovskoye Shosse, Mytischi, Moscow Region, 141006,
phone +7 (495) 974-21-69