The Bloc Of Planning Of Measurement, Mounting And Delivery

Well-known, that production can’t successfully work and grow without accurately made plan of works. That’s why our company’s staff created the “bloc of planning of measurement, mounting and delivery”.

The only goal of this bloc’s creation was to create the most functional and convenient instrument of employees’ work scheduling.

After it’s installation any scheduling of measurements, mounting and delivery will be fast, accurately and taking into account the necessary nuances such as ability to define which car will deliver, calculation of its maximum area’s and weight’s capacity, definition which employee and when will make necessary works etc.


Use of this bloc is very important for firms with high employment of the personnel working in listed sectors. Our bloc will allow not only to make the schedule, but also to immediately inform employees on their future schedule of works by e-mail with the indication of dates, time, address etc. because the bigger production is the more employees are involved, more orders they have to make, so it’s more difficult to avoid confusion in the course of definition “was the invoice added to schedule or not?”.
Thanks to our bloc you won’t have such questions!
The invoices which are already scheduled will be automatically taken from the list of the remained excluding possibility of its repeated introduction. And convenient system of filters settings will let you not to waste time on search of necessary document among lots of others, you can just enter the number of invoice/contract or filter by dates!

It’s safe to say that after installation of the “bloc of planning of measurement, mounting and delivery” work at your enterprise will become much more ordered.