The Bloc Of Payment

During the work on expansion of the “Superokna” program functionality the staff of our company considered administrative board’s wishes. And now we can proudly present you “The bloc of payment”!

This module is intended for conducting calculations with the subordinated departments and dealers. With its help becomes possible to create payment’s calculation formula for each department as well as control of funds receipt from departments.

At your disposal will be a complete control of funds and their transfer to subordinated departments. Thanks to this module you can grant the loans for the sums determined by you and in case of its excess the user will receive the notice of exhaustion. It will avoid mistakes with an overexpenditure of means by a carelessness however to accept the account to production or not remains to user’s discretion.

The possibility of introduction of funds to dealer’s account as advance payment or credit’s payment will allow to avoid further confusion in definition what were the money paid for.