The Bloc Of Report’s Generation

For fully-fledged work of your company working with “SuperOkna” program we’ve created the “bloc of report’s generation”. This bloc provides the enterprise with all necessary production, warehouse and office documentation.


Convenient tools are provided to user for development of design and content of the document. We’ve created modern interface where you can arrange toolbars as you wish. Our development allows to create documents by use of prepared elements or you can create your own document using textboxes, functions and variables.


For user’s convenience we have added the set of standard documents (reports) from the prepared combinations of “standard elements” to the “bloc of report’s generation”. Thanks to that, there is no need to create the most demanded documents from scratch and possibility of its addition and edition will lead to creation process’s acceleration of the necessary report.


The result of this bloc’s installation will be complete independence of the “SuperOkna” program from third-party resources at creation and printing of necessary production documentation!


After installation of the “bloc of report’s generation” creation of new documents will become easy and convenient!

Additional information: Copying elements in templates