The Bloc Of Preliminary Planning

What starts the production process of any window making enterprise? It starts from the order of necessary materials, then cutting and bending of profile and then assemblage. But how to calculate amount of time which you will need on all of these steps and to tell your client the exact time of his window’s readiness? That’s whe we created the bloc of preliminary planning.

Thanks to it the calculation of temporary intervals demanded on creation of different products can be carried out with sufficient accuracy. Using this bloc calculation of production’s time will consider holidays and the days off, complexity of structures, existence of rare or custom-made accessories in products. All of that will give the opportunity to provide to client the right date of the order’s fulfillment.

This block can be easily be reconfigured: seasonal loading of production changed, added new systems of profiles or accessories, installed the new equipment.

Use of our module will exclude need in self calculation! Now all data on necessary time for production will be displayed at once at registration of the order!