The Bloc Of Addressed Warehouse Of Prepared Products

Each manufacturer of translucent constructions opening his own production is faced with the question: “where and how to store prepared doors and windows?”. For these needs you organize warehouse, but how to organize it in such way that the prepared product could be quickly found among tens and hundreds of other similar products?

Knowing the importance of these issues and expanding the functionality of the “SuperOkna” program, employees of our company created the bloc of addressed warehouse of prepared products.

Thanks to this bloc each product will be stored in its well-defined place. Your employees will not have a need in long search of necessary products in warehouse anymore!

Using our elaboration it’ll be easy to determine the exact location of necessary products. To each product in production will be assigned a label with a barcode, reading it the program will determine a place for a prepared product in a warehouse by itself basing on available empty places. Or manually set a specific storage location and at the right time just look in the program where the product was sent for storage!

The kilter at warehouse and production that’s what makes the company run like clockwork.