The Bloc Of Profile And Glass Cutting Optimization

This bloc was created to minimize material costs at your production.

First of all it’s reached by cutting of residues billets stored in a warehouse (including those from previous optimizations) and rational placement of billets on the whole parts of profile or sheets of glass. Now there is no need in manual measure of each leftover piece of material and speculation is it possible to use it again and if yes then how to save it and easily find it later? Our bloc of optimization will do all of it for you!

By means of our module such operations as:

  • Automatical depositing of useful leftover billets (which one is useful and which one isn’t is determined by settings);
  • profile and glass cutting optimization proceeding from existence of material at warehouse;
  • optimization of articles on several products and invoices at once;
  • cancellation of any amount of optimizations with automatical recovering condition of a warehouse;
  • viewing the results of optimization on the screen;
  • printing labels for kept at a warehouse optimization residues


are now possible.

Combining listed all above we can confidently say that not even one piece won’t be thrown away if it’s still possible to use it! Their accounting and numbering will make quick search of necessary components in a piecewise warehouse possible.

Thanks to the “bloc of profile and glass cutting optimization” saving funds on re-use of materials and time on search of necessary billets will become an obvious boost in productivity as well as in saving funds for further extension of your company!