The Bloc Of Data Exchange Between Departments

This bloc was created following the goal to unite all your dealer departments, order’s receiving departments and production with ability of data change between “SuperOkna’s” program to avoid printing of documentation and its manual transfer.

Thanks to our development you don’t need to send or save information in different formats anymore. Now all data exchange will take place directly between SuperOknas. The flexible and convenient control system lets you define which information to which department should be sent, where check and control will be exercised, who of employees has the rights only for familiarization, and who can introduce necessary changes.

Should be noted, that the “bloc of data exchange” lets to transfer documentation not only to the “SuperOkna” program, but also to carry out a full-fledged exchange with the “SuperLink” program.

Also, if direct exchange by the Internet isn’t the most convenient for you in the way of information transfer you can always upload the datafile to a flash card or send it by e-mail.

We are sure that use of the “bloc of data exchange between departments” will let you and your employees to build accurate system of document flow at the enterprise. That will undoubtedly positively affect both work speed, and total effectiveness of all enterprise.