What Is Implementation?

There are several ways of software solutions implementation, which differ in convenience and complexity. The most complicated is to deploy by yourself, finding the right approach by reading the documentation and trial and error. A bit less complicated is to use the consulting firms services of varying degrees of reliability and expertise. The easiest and most convenient is ordering of an implementation from the producer. The easiest and most convenient is ordering of an implementation from the producer. In this case, installation, configuration, solution of possible problems are transferred to staff of “KCTsoft” and any arising in the course of work the nuances will be settled by professionals. Possible conflicts with equipment manufacturers, accidentally discovered surprises in the form of non-compliance of really available articles in a warehouse to ordered, training of employees passes by you, allowing you to concentrate on your own tasks.

Sounds great, but which of these approaches is the most economical? After all, a familiar’s familiar claims that he knows the “KCTsoft” company’s products almost better than the manufacturer, requests less money and promises to provide a guarantee on the work performed. The vast experience of carried out implementations allows us to confidently assert that in most cases you will find a deep disappointment. Despite the ease of use and configuration of “SuperOkna” software, a specialist who has undertaken this work, should have knowledge in close to production spheres, such as knowlege of CNC and machines, understanding of the production process, the vision of machines arrangement, the experience of adjustment of plant’s work and intrashop logistics. Such experience is almost impossible to obtain without proper training from an experienced specialist and without contact with the developers of software. Having run a huge number of productions, our experts know exactly how to complete the task. Considering the speed with which the implementation is carried out by our experts, a low probability of error, competence and the ability to offer alternative ways, or even to help in identifying errors, this way is the most economical of all. Experience of implementing by the “KCTsoft” company’s employees is more than 15 years, that is crucial for many clients. We don’t disappear and don’t “lose the phone” in case of questions on software.

So, what means the “implementation” term, how is it carried out and what you get at the output? Implementation is the process of installation and commissioning of software products up to the client’s requirements, within a predetermined amount. Sometimes, just approving the conditions of implementation, our clients are able to save a lot of money for the simple reason that we can tell what of the planned equipment or articles you really need and what may be not. Whether it is necessary to purchase an expensive staff training or much more profitable to restructure production using “paperless production”. There are dozens of such nuances and each of them can lead to a serious increase in the profitability of your company.

The implementation can be remote and local. The first is performed without going to your production, conditions and a list of works are specified in the Agreement and result is sent in the form of a preset settings. The second way includes the arrival of the expert to your company, collecting all the necessary data (especially useful if your own staff are not prepared and trained yet), next step is configuration of the software for your production, generation of tasks to develop communication with your machines if it’s necessary, creation of primary documents’ set and the most important is train of employees. All the time that expert is at your production, he is ready to answer a variety of questions, to train managers and engineers to work with the program.

So how should be completed qualitatively produced implementation? First of all, qualitatively configured “KCT soft” company’s software for your production. Secondly, conducted over the period of implementation staff training and explanation of used techniques. Secondly, conducted over the period of implementation staff training and explanation methods of software use. And, of course , the guarantee for performed work. Usually we expect that at the end of the implementation your production will start to manufacture products, if machines and workers are ready. Our employees held a huge number of implementations and configurations throughout the CIS and neighboring countries. The experience gained during this time allows us to assert with confidence: the most advantageous implementation is the one that does not pluck deadlines and leaves no unfinished work. Thousands clients are sure in quality of our works. Join us!